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World maths

Learning math is more fun if done playing. That is what we propose with World Maths, learn math while having fun.

No age limit to play, from a 9 year old child who is learning how to multiply, to a person of 60 years that seeks to maintain their mental agility.

The game consists of several worlds, each destined for a mathematical operation: add, subtract, multiply and divide. Each world is made up of several chapters with increasing difficulty of operations, so that you go evolving in your calculation skills. When you complete a chapter, you unlock the next. When you finish an entire world, you advance to the next.

The game is designed to improve your computing capacity gradually, improve your mathematical intelligence and evolve your mental agility.

Get approve all chapters of a world, and you can share and compare your notes with friends and family.

As a complement, daily challenges that will help you improve your level will be raised, as they include operations of any kind, but adapted to your level progress.